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What is U-47700?

     U47700 is a highly potent synthetic opioid that looks like a white or light pink powderBuy U- 47700 online from our pharmacy at a cheap price.

The Problem with Pink

Similarly  to other opioids such as prescription medications or heroin, Pink is beginning to make a name for itself as a dangerous drug. U- 47700 for sale.

Officials say it is more dangerous than other synthetic opioids currently available.

However, due to its legal classification, in many cases it is not a drug test which is include  in many initial toxicology screenings.

Therefore, another drug may be identified as the cause of death in an overdose, but Pink could have been a contributing factor.

What this Means for the Opioid Epidemic

Pink is cheap and easy to access. A quick internet search will supply individuals looking for a cheap high with many avenues to obtain Pink.

However  it is manufacture in labs in other countries, and sell as a research drug.

Pink could become a strong contributor to the opioid epidemic, due to its legal classification, addictive nature,

As well as it easy access, and perceived pureness as a result of being marketed as a research chemical.

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